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Travel and Accommodations

  • Billy will make his own travel arrangements. Flights are booked in coach at the lowest non-refundable fare available from either Baton Rouge or New Orleans, LA.
  • Hotel room (non-smoking) is confirmed by the client, guaranteed for late arrival and billed to the organization.
  • Please inform Billy if someone will pick him up and return him to the airport or if he needs to secure a shuttle, cab or rental car.
  • Meals and tips will handled by Billy directly and not billed to the client.

Fees and Travel Costs

Details regarding how to handle these costs are in the “Letter of Agreement” Billy provides once the booking has been confirmed. Billy expects full fee payment upon completion of his presentation and an upfront payment of anticipated travel costs. Many clients prefer an inclusive travel estimate as part the agreement in lieu of a separate invoice for actual costs. Just ask and this arrangement will be made. It’s all part of making it an easy task to work with Billy.

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