Leadership Speaker Billy Arcement Delivers…Cajun Candor

Performance Improvement Leadership Strategies are only effective if delivered in a sincere, truthful and transparent way. Organizations like yours cannot afford failing leadership. Workplace challenges test the leadership skills of your management team. Performance improvement is necessary to overcome these most daunting challenges:

  • High Employee Turnover
  • Rising Costs
  • Diminishing Customer Loyalty
  • Global Competition
  • Low Morale and Limited Mindsets
  • Closing the skill gap
  • Lessening confidence in organizational leadership
  • Managing workplace cultural changes
  • Inconsistencies in performance feedback
  • Matching employee talents to job requirements

Sound Familiar?

Not for long…

When you invite Billy Arcement—The Candid Cajun, to speak to your organization or association, you can expect the experience to be straight forward content filled with ready-to-implement solutions and leadership strategies. His easy to work with style and his unique “Cajun Wisdom” make challenges become springboards for change. He turns obstacles into incredible opportunities to renew confidence in your team’s leadership.

With respect, trust and morale building candor, his expertise and experiences help you and your organization understand how to best:

  • Teach cooperation and collaboration
  • Remove inconsistencies to grow organizational stability
  • Stop lagging performance results
  • Take the anxiety from shifting cultural changes
  • Create a culture maximizing employee self-motivation and talents
  • Eliminate failing leadership decisions
  • Remove overwhelming challenges affecting performance
  • Stop outside pressures from stifling your progress
  • Develop a strong, synergistic team spirit
  • Create a culture of service and relationship building.

Leaders today need more solutions and strategies that they can leverage into LONG-TERM, positive cultural change and ownership. 

People join companies but leave managers. A failure to provide accurate feedback is the greatest disservice you can do to an employee.

If you are ready to bring a bit of Cajun Candor to your organization, don’t wait another day to contact Billy. He’s got the answers you need, and the experience and wisdom you can trust. He is a difference maker and an expert on leadership. He is a Category of One!

Call Billy today at 225.572.2804 or email him directly to learn more about his powerful speaking and consulting services.


Risk Free Guarantee:

If Billy doesn’t achieve the expectations agreed upon, you only pay expenses.


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    The ideas came fast and furious. I felt like I was standing under a waterfall with a cup.  Richard Olinde, DDS
    When our team heard you were coming back, they were excited because they knew you would bring exactly what they needed. Not only did you bring an outstanding balance of humor, motivation, and real-world common sense; but you also provided our staff with specific ‘how to’s’ for becoming more effective in carrying out their job responsibilities.
    Steve Brinson, President, Royal Honda, Metairie, LA