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Straightforward / Candid Messages That Make an Impact

What Kind of Program Are YOU Interested in? General Session Keynotes? Concurrent Sessions or Conference Seminars? In-house Strategic Work Sessions (training)? Strategic Planning Retreat Facilitation?

Billy can deliver them all! Programs up to three hours are one-half day. Up to six hours is a full-day.

Sample Organizational Leadership Topics to Build Your Business Success Include:

 Cajun Candor: Straightforward Dialog that Improves Performance

Most believe honesty is the best policy. And, that leads to the unspoken fear of supervisors and managers. It’s the fear of being able to provide a candid assessment of performance. This dialog must be perpetual and frequent. It’s not about flowering the conversation with platitudes and empty talk. Candor means you care enough to shore up weaknesses. It means capitalizing on strengths and talents. It means you fix flaws. A lack of candor will slow you down and won’t bring improvements to the workplace. By rewarding candor, you create a culture of candor. This is a no BS program. At least, that’s what this Cajun believes!

Effectively Developing and Growing Employees

The heart and soul of any organization lies in the performance effectiveness of its employees. Billy has mastered techniques to help leaders maximize talents. Their design helps to grow the potential of every employee.  It’s about dignity, passion and recognition. It means developing possibilities and purpose. It means bringing a consistency to the forefront. This is a key message promoting growth of people and organizations. 

 Creating and Sustaining High Performance Teams

Global competition demands proficient skills and cost effective productivity. Leaders must pay attention to reality and truth. One bad team member can screw up the entire team effort. Be constant in your assessment of team member actions. Take advantage of the power of many. Learn to identify the key morale, values and operational standards in play. Create an alignment with corporate strategies. Team passion drives. Team beliefs empower. Learn how to remove the fog surrounding a non-functioning team. This is a Super Bowl discussion on teamwork. 

 It’s Attitude, Not Aptitude,That Gives You Altitude

One person with the wrong attitude can change the course of an activity. One person with the right attitude can change the course of the world. This program is light-hearted but filled with a message as serious as a heart attack. Participants say the content hits the mark. It unravels the mystery of attitudes and helps you create your own successes. The priceless advice about attitudes? You are in charge!

Billy can also develop other customized programs using his extensive research files and personal experience. Contact him to discuss your needs and to determine if there is a fit. He won’t venture where he isn’t the expert!

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