Use Failures as a Stepping Stone To Greater Things

As you move through life, expect to experience failure. What can happen with such events confront our lives? We freeze with fear and never overcome the stigma of having failed. If this describes your reaction, why not implement these ideas to forever remove the fear of failing.

(1) Understand that to fail does not make you a failure. A failure is but a temporary inconvenience in the path of life. Put failures in perspective and don’t cast a dark shadow over your life because of a small obstacle. Life is made up of many years. Failures are only a heart beat by comparison.

(2) Learn from your failures; then forget them. Dwelling forever on your mistakes will not change what was. All we can do is commit ourselves to avoid repeating the mistake. Forgive and forget is good advice. Life is not a boxing match. You don’t have to walk away with scars and bruises to show you’ve lived.

(3) You are never a failure as long as you keep on trying. Persistence has a way of neutralizing obstacles and diminishing the impact of failures. Never give up and failures will become history. There is nothing in your life you cannot overcome if you persist long enough.

(4) Failure is never final unless you let it. Our attitude is the single most important factor for effectively dealing with failures. Remind yourself that recovery is always potentially possible. Giving up is for losers. Make adjustments and move on. Life is too valuable to give up enjoying it.

Plan your life. Work your plan. When faced with obstacles, view them as temporary inconveniences; forgive yourself; use tenacity to bulldoze obstacles and always remember that tomorrow is another day when you can begin anew. Learn your lessons well. Happy failures!

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