The Way We do Things Around Here

Look around your workplace. Take time to examine the structure of your family activities. If you’ve never made the connection, both have a common thread—Culture!

 Workplace: In the workplace there are methods on how to conduct day to day business activities. There are ways to interact with customers and with each other. There are acceptable and non-acceptable behaviors that blanket the entire organization. The way we do things around here may be a phrase you’ve heard your boss or other ranking manager say. And, you understand the unspoken message—do it our way or take the highway. Don’t rock the boat!

In a work setting, one cannot underestimate the role culture plays in the success or failure of the organization. Culture is the most dynamic force within the organization. It’s created by the dominant values and beliefs present. And, both emanate from organizational leaders. A stable culture is created by hiring employees that mimic the organizational values and beliefs. The closer the congruency, the happier the employee and their leaders. Hired “misfits” (individuals having incongruent values / beliefs) will not be as motivated, as committed to the company, not happy with their job and predictably, will eventually quit.

What type of culture exist in your workplace? Truly understanding it makes decisions easier and offers you these options: Embrace it, work to change it or simply move on.

Family: In a family setting, it’s the role of parents to establish family values and beliefs. Like the workplace, doing this will establish a family culture. Parents are leaders and they define how we do things as a family. Reinforcing behaviors brings a stability important to the development of children. There is little difference between setting up a successful organization and developing a successful family atmosphere. What type of culture exist in your home? How are you as family leaders influencing the adult your child will become?

Good Books for Establishing Culture: I would once again remind you that my book, Journeying on Holy Ground, contains a sound approach to building a strong family structure from raising children to creating a sound marital relationship. And, the rest of the book has powerful messages to build a better YOU! My first book, Searching for Success was recently revised with lots of great new content. Check out the content of each book on the messages at my website,

Lesson of the Month: Organizations need to stay relevant with internal processes, growing employees and satisfying customers. Inertia in this arena can be fatal to your business or career. In the latter, it’s important that individually we continue to grow and avoid stagnation of the mind. The world is fast moving and easily takes “prisoners” locking them up preventing a newness and refreshing growth cycle. Don’t get “arrested” by the “lazy police.” Break out, free yourself and the organization with a focused action plan and you will soon not have competition to stifle your successes.

Monthly Book Recommendation

Decision Making & Spiritual Discernment! Written by Nancy Bieber and available on Amazon, her book is filled with sound decision making ideas. Want greater successes and personal happiness, learn how to make the best decisions for your life. Want to grow a stronger spiritual presence? Buy this book! That will be a great decision!

Services Available

What is the Culture in your organization? Looking for solutions to improve it? Why not call Billy to discuss your needs and changes you’d like to incorporate to create your Culture. He’s a seasoned consultant with a track record to get this done. Assimilation of information to identify “what is” present in your workplace is his expertise. Recommending the right corrective action is his trademark!! Don’t wait. Take action. The contact is free—the results priceless.


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