Ten Ideas to Improve Your Life

I’ve provided ten ideas on creating greater successes in life for your reflection and consideration

You are always in charge of yourself. Many are constantly looking for someone else to bring success into their life. They don’t realize that if they wish more success, they will have to take greater charge of their life decisions. No one is coming to the rescue. We must improve and/or change habits and our willingness to work hard with a laser focus. Nothing less will do unless you are willing to settle for “average.”

The world reflects the attitude you give it. Look at life like a mirror. The reflection you get in a mirror is similar to the reflection we get from the world based upon our actions. Attitude is a dominate component of personal success. Give out signals of negativity and negative is what you reap. On the other hand, brightening the world with your positive approach will eventually provide the reaping of positive results.

Accept personal responsibility for all your actions. This is another way of stating the first item. Except here I’ve added the word responsibility. For too many, it’s a word they avoid thinking about or acting upon. Personal responsibility means you don’t blame others for your failures. They are the result of choices and poor actions. Get over it. Take responsibility and you win.

Keep “balance” in your life—a spiritual, family and career balance. Journeying on Holy Ground, (www.JourneyingOnHolyGround.com) is a book about how to bring balance and the right priorities into your life. Why not check it out for yourself and as a possible Christmas gift for those you love. Besides, it provides an in-depth body of knowledge to achieve that important “balance” we all seek.

Use goals to create your future and commit to their completion. We get energized this time of the year to recommit ourselves to greater successes next year. Why not start with one goal that will give you the greatest return on your time investment and work like hell to bring it into reality. Once done, you can start working on the next most important goal. Continue adding goals throughout the year. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a long list that never gets done.

Establish relationships. They are the foundation for all your successes. No one is an island. We all need someone to help us achieve our maximum potential. On a spiritual level, that relationship is with God. On a secular level, this means individuals who support your life’s focus and who can provide information and/or resources to escalate your achievement timeline.

Learn all you can about personal / business money management. Cash flow is king on both a personal and business level. One must master how to best use and manage money. Much of today’s ills start with a money problem. Don’t fall into this trap—get educated on how to preserve your cash and properly apply its use for your maximum benefit.

Learn something “new” each day to keep growing intellectually. Stagnation of thoughts will eventually end up giving you a cesspool of nothingness. Be curious. Become growth oriented. Always look for information that enhances your personal performance or position in life. “Lazy” is not part of this process!

Develop an exercise routine to keep your body and mind fit. Your mind and body need constant “exercise” to grow the effectiveness of both. Sound mind and body propel you forward. Poor health is life’s friction and an undeveloped mind is the pathway toward ignorance. Keep health at the top of the list of achievements you strive to attain. It’s the source of a long life.

Express gratitude often. Two of the most forgotten words today are “Thank You.” We should never miss an opportunity to offer thanks to anyone that provides any level of help. It’s a powerful set of words that we all love to hear given to us as a result of some action we’ve taken. Make a list of things for which you are grateful and strive to grow that list every day.

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