The Spirit of Giving

Take time to examine what you’ve done with your life––never an easy task. Take time to examine how much of your life has been spent serving others. There is no greater reward than the joy and satisfaction one gets from helping others with our time, talents and / or treasures. As noted, giving just doesn’t imply providing money. Many have time and talent to contribute when they may not necessarily have funds to contribute.

While I make a living speaking and consulting, I try to give back by donating my services once each month to an organization whose cause I support or admire. With this effort, I also am able to accomplish something else––a donation to a charity of my choice. Rather than seek a fee, I ask the organization to voluntarily provide a donation to a designated charity. In almost all cases, I get the donation. I don’t have a minimum and leave it up to the generosity of the organization. This is a real win-win negotiation.

I don’t share this story to pat myself on the back. I share it to spark your creativity regarding how you might use your time and talents to help others. I’ve known so many people who have given themselves for worthy causes to a much larger degree than I’ve ever accomplished. They have my deepest admiration and they do serve as an example for me to follow. We can all learn from these generous individuals.

My friend and fellow professional speaker, Nido Qubein, is a prime example of such an individual. Nido came to the United Stated at seventeen with no English language skills and virtually no money. Today, he is a multimillionaire, a highly respected speaker, business strategist, Chairman of Great Harvest Bread Corporation, President of High Point University and a steady servant to others. He has raised and continuously raises and gives millions for a myriad of causes.

Having observed Nido in action for many years, he has proven he walks the talk. He spends one-third of his life in learning, reading hundreds of periodicals and books yearly. He spends one-third earning his living and the remaining one-third is invested in giving and serving. Each year he gives away at least 20% of his income and a large quantity of his time in service to others. I’ve never met a more focused individual who has a clearer plan for his life.

Nido professes that giving has to be a way of life, not a sporadic act. He understands that life does not give us what we need. It gives us what we deserve. Life is a cause and effort activity. We do, we get. The getting is the part over which we have no control. It comes back in proportion to what we give. That is how we earn what we deserve!

We are only in this world for a very brief time. During this period we should earn all we can, learn all we can absorb and give all we can in the service of others. If you don’t have a plan for living your life, why not try this one?


Billy Arcement, MEd is a Professional Speaker, Leadership Strategist and President of The Results Group. He wrote the book, Searching for Success, now internationally published. He co-authored, Journeying on Holy Ground—Christian Strategies to Reach Your Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Destiny.  ©2012. All rights reserved. Use by permission.