The Miracle is YOU

I’m always a bit saddened when I see a homeless person holding their sign for help near the side of a busy intersection. I’m saddened that a person would feel that they must beg for an income. I’m not sure if they are just lazy and this is a great way for them not to work and still survive. I’m not sure if they have been beaten down by this world and have simply given up trying to improve beyond what a handout can provide. But, what I’m certain of is that they have made a choice to do what they are doing. And that idea is the core of human achievement.

Many years ago Og Mandino wrote The Greatest Miracle in the World. If you haven’t read this book, may I suggest that you run out today and buy it. After all these years, it is still available on the shelf of most book stores. In this classic story, Mandino reviews the many gifts we are given just because we are human. The next paragraph contains a few ideas he shares. Reflect on the power of his words and the power you posses inside.

Unlike any other creature on the face of the earth, our Creator gave us the power to think and love; to use our free will; to laugh, imagine, create, plan, speak and pray. With these powers, we are free to become great or, by refusing to fuel ourselves with these powers, remain stagnant forever wishing for a better existence. The power to make these choices allows us to choose love over hate; to laugh rather than cry; to create rather than destroy; to persevere rather than quit; to praise rather than gossip; to heal rather than wound; to give rather than steal; to take action rather than procrastinate; to grow rather than rot; to pray rather than curse and to live rather than die before our time.

Without doubt, we are a miracle creation with vast amounts of potential. Too many leave this world never tapping their God-given resources. They have made the choice to wait for a handout from life rather than make a donation to life.

Many support the notion that these are the best of times while others would say that these are the worst of times. And, both groups would be right. Within that thought are the reasons some experience success while others struggle to make it through the day.

Life can deal us severe blows. Life is not always fair. But no matter our circumstance, we always have the choice to bounce back—to become rather than just be.


Billy Arcement, MEd is a Professional Speaker, Leadership Strategist and President of The Results Group. He wrote the book, Searching for Success, now internationally published. He co-authored, Journeying on Holy Ground—Christian Strategies to Reach Your Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Destiny.   ©2012. All rights reserved. Use by permission.