How to Be Successful at Work

Is your work a pleasurable experience or does time on your job qualify for the low point of your day? Here are six steps that can make a difference in your career, no matter how you view your work. Each step has a series of questions you should use as a self-assessment tool. Spend time honestly answering each question. Better still, have someone whose opinion you value rate you on each one.

Build Value: What can I do that will make my service more valuable to my company? How can I use my talents in the most effective manner to advance the value of what I do? Is my company better off having me as an employee? What do I do during work that is above and beyond what my employer expects from my position? Making yourself valuable will grab the attention of your superiors. Becoming valuable in the workplace will set you apart from fellow workers and position you for promotion and more responsibility.

Develop Trust: Can co-workers take you at your word? Can you keep confidential information shared to yourself? Being trustworthy is one of the most important work and personal characteristics you can possess. You can never be a true friend until you can be trusted.

Be Dependable: Are you the type of worker that will follow through on assignments you are given? Are you willing to work overtime to see a project to a completion point? Is the quality of your work such that people automatically know it will meet their expectations? Can you work with minimum supervision? Filling that important need is a great confidence builder for those who manage you. They must know that you are willing to step in when circumstances require a little more effort.

Follow the Path of Excellence: Do you take pride in every activity you are assigned?  Do you sometimes take the “easy” way? Are you willing to accept low quality from those who do tasks for you? Have you established clear standards of performance that govern your approach to work? The easiest path is one of least resistance. Often workers are not willing to go the extra mile to perform at the highest level their capabilities allow. Never compromise on your best performance. That approach will separate you from the masses.

Be an Indispensable Resource: Are you a student of your job? Do you strive to learn something new about your work every day? Are you someone that co-workers respect for your knowledge of the work place? Can you solve problems? The more valuable and indispensable you can make yourself, the more difficult it is to replace you and the more income you will command. Being difficult to replace makes your worth go up and your options for promotion greater.

Undergo Constant Evaluation of Your Performance: How often do you examine the quality of your work? Do you ask others for feedback on your performance? Can you accept constructive comments? Professionals believe in continuous improvement. To become successful, one must constantly improve. Always remember that you are either getting better or becoming worse. Life is not a neutral activity!

How do you view your work and your career? Answering this list of questions will move you towards greatness. Are you ready for the trip?

Billy Arcement, MEd is a Professional Speaker, Leadership Strategist and President of The Results Group. He wrote the book, Searching for Success, now internationally published. He co-authored, Journeying on Holy Ground—Christian Strategies to Reach Your Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Destiny.   ©2012. All rights reserved. Use by permission.