Searching for Success   




Throughout our life, we are on a hunt for the magical keys that will unlock the doors of our personal success. The identity of those keys is not the same for everyone.

Some see success as the accumulation of money and material goods. Some find their success in the development of strong family ties. Some seek spiritual fulfillment. Others use the development of a satisfying career as the measuring stick for success. What about you? How do you measure success? Where do you concentrate your search? What is your ultimate destination?

As I began to develop ideas for this book, I sought my own focus in the success arena. No matter where my thoughts ventured, I kept coming back to one idea. And that idea eventually became the core message for each chapter.

This one idea is so powerful yet so obvious that many never grasp its significance. Not understanding this idea is the root cause for most personal failures in life. What is this powerful idea that is so influential to personal success? It is the idea of accepting full responsibility for our successes.

When we fully realize that no one is coming to the rescue and that life is not a dress rehearsal, we open the doors for growth. When we continue to believe that our fate is controlled by outside forces, we close the door to opportunities. If I accomplish no other goal with this book than to wake you to the realization that you are in charge of your life, I’ve reached a most important personal success goal.

As you read each chapter, do so at a speed that will provide opportunities to think and absorb the thoughts shared. At the end of each of the ten parts there is an action list and a place to write your ideas. Take advantage of these exercises. They provide extra value to you.

Table of Content

Part I: Discover Your Purpose

 Living with Yourself

The Most Valuable and Essential Things in Life

Building Your Dreams

 Part II: Develop the Right Attitude

 How did the Pot Get Black?

If Only

One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure

The Desire to Improve Yourself

You Self-concept and Success

Some Guiding Principles

 Part III: Develop a Career, Not a Job

 Going the Extra Mile

Implementing Change in a Positive Way

Some Thoughts about Work

You’re a Boss in Trouble If You….

The Secret to Getting Promoted

How to Find and Keep a Job

 Part IV: Two Important Keys to Success—Discipline and Persistence



The Invisible Barrier

Adding Years to Your Life

Just One More Time

 Part V: School is Never Out

 Pretend You’re the IRS

The Reading Habit

Learning from Others

Finding Yourself

 Part VI: Develop a Daily Structure

 A Good Way to Start the Day

Moments of Life

 Part VII: Build People Bridges

 The Golden Gift

You Only Pass Through Once

Getting People to Like You

We Are All in the Customer Service Business

Make Me a Part of Your World

 Part VIII: Success Challenges

 Don’t Just Be—Overcome!

It’s All in Our Point of View

I Dare You

Learning to Decide

The Forgotten Law of Life

Part IX: Leadership Lessons

 Lessons from Olympic Champions

65+ Ideas to Become Successful

Seven Gifts of Great Leaders

Five Ideas to Grow in Wisdom

A Case for Ethics

 Part X: Closing Thoughts


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