Leading Yourself, Leading Others




This is a simple book. You will not find fancy jargon to impress. Everything in this book represents an experience from life. It’s real stuff. No theories or trial leadership balloons. I want you to prosper and excel at leading others. But I also want you to learn the lessons of failure.

For every situation, there is a leadership principle that can help improve it. The beauty of the ideas presented in this book is their universal application. It doesn’t matter whether one is leading an organization, a family or a social group. I believe a lack of leadership skills can cause failures. I also believe a strong knowledge base can enhance your success. Leadership is where the rubber meets the road! Mastering the art of leading others is one of the most beneficial skills you can learn. It’s useful to help grow a career, lead a family, or serve as President.

I made no attempt to tell you everything about each characteristic. My intent was to educate you a bit, stimulate your thinking and curiosity to learn more. I encourage you to read an item and spend time thinking about the message. Then, write thoughts stimulated by what you read. Spend time researching deeper on each topic of interest. Keep copious notes on any research you do. You want to be able to have a deep understanding and ability to implement the idea shared. If you do this for every item, your knowledge will grow in an exponential fashion. And, if you do this, it will take you a long time to finish my book!

Throughout the book, I’ve applied the “candor” label. There is no sugarcoating the message. It’s raw, honest and direct. It’s simple and easy to apply. Use candor as a stimulus to help others in a caring and sincere manner. Candid conversations are what I want you to use as you lead others. In the long term, they will appreciate you for your truthfulness. The book is a “get out of jail” pass into reality. Be real and lead with candor. It will separate you from those unwilling to do so.



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