The Journey




Would you like to bring a stronger spiritual presence into your life?

In Exodus 33:14, it says: My presence shall go with you and I will give you rest. God promises to be with us always, opening the door for us to establish and reciprocate the loving relationship He seeks to establish with us. He gives us a mind and a free will, never forcing himself on us. So, in the end, the creation of a strong spiritual presence of God in our life becomes our choice.

With God as our companion, we are always able to call upon Him for insights and guidance through the mazes of life. Bonding with God brings peace, helps to establish relationships with family and friends and produces the rest God promised.

A Life Manual: In our book, Journeying on Holy Ground, we have provided a “Life Manual” to help readers establish the right priorities of life—God, Family and Career. We have written a book not about religion, but rather one that speaks to the spiritual dimension that is a part of every facet of life.

Get the God Connection: We begin the book with what we call the “God-connection” to help fill the spiritual void and separation from God that even the holiest of holy go through. Our first priority then is to never forget the consistent presence of God who is always at our beck and call—if we initiate the contact.

Make the Family Connection: The second priority is making the “Family-connection.” We share many “how-to’s” to help readers create a strong marital relationship. (Jodi and Billy represent over 80 years of marriage.) We also have a generous amount of information on raising children. These ideas proved to be so sound that a local church included them as part of their parenting classes.

Let “Work” Work for You: Our third order of priority is the “Work connection.” If you are looking for ways to grow your career, find satisfaction with your work and make a positive impact on the job, you will find many techniques to accomplish all three. Read and apply, and we promise good things will happen with your career and your life. We close the book with a number of success strategies to apply throughout the process of working with these priorities.


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