Become the Best Version of Yourself




Billy Arcement, MEd, for providing challenging and insightful ideas. His lifetime of studying leadership, management, and personal success strategies The Candid Cajun, has the reputation has created a solid foundation of wisdom. He has that special quality meeting planners want for their audiences. His unique style of Cajun humor drives home the points of his messages.

Like a good Cajun cook, Billy blends his gumbo of ideas into energizing, enthusiastic and inspiring presentations. He has the unique ability to make the complex simple and the time in his audiences fun. He knows how to make the “People Connection” that translates into presentations that are not theory but truth. He is a leadership expert. He is a “Leader’s leader.” He is, The Candid Cajun.

“Simply fantastic. Thought stirring process. A real eye opener and advice for future use in life.”
John F. McClain, US Navy Recruiter

“Great mix of humor, wisdom and company specific information.”
Reldon Owens, Diamond B Construction

“Your genuineness and true caring are what really set up apart from
other workshop leaders”
Sue Behringer, President, Durham, NC School Board


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