More Client Testimonials

When I was looking for a keynote speaker, I wanted to have someone who not only had an inspirational and motivational message, but one who could add some Louisiana flavor to the program. Not only did you help meet those goals, you surpassed all my expectations with your wit, enthusiasm, and down-to-earth, practical measures that all my participants could put into practice.  Mike Loyd, President Association of College and University Printers.
Billy – you bring the action, the systems, and structures. Brandon Foret, Dispatch Supervisor, Accutrans, Inc., Metairie, LA
Great motivator. Pushed me into facing reality of the importance of each moment of my life. Rachel Grafton, Jacobs Engineering
The speaker was refreshing and enlightened me with ways to become more successful and empowered. G. Jones, Dept. of Social Services, State of LA.
Very knowledgeable and can keep the audience’s attention. A mixture of common sense, useful information and enough humor to keep you wanting to hear more. L. Delahoussayet, Stone Energy
We received rave reviews about your motivational talk filled with tidbits of humor and lessons for life. Our membership thoroughly enjoyed the time you so generously gave us. George Stack, Conference Chair, LA Alliance of Independent Providers Conference
Simply fantastic. Thought stirring process. A real eye opener and advise for future use in life.  John F. McClain, US Navy Recruiter
Your presentation was personal, humorous, and engaging and provided a lot of ‘food-for-thought’ for our members. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. Betssie Baker Miller, President, Sunrise Rotary Club, Baton Rouge, LA
The paper you presented at the Excelsior Hotel in Hong Kong on Attitudes to Quality Control was most stimulating to say the least. Your information will be put to very good use in continuing our efforts to achieve a higher standard of quality control. Fred. K.T. Chin, Export Manager, Swire & Maclaine, LTd., Hong Kong
You have greatly assisted our organization in staying focused on our mission, setting realistic goals, and adapting to ever-changing needs to remain effective in working to eradicate breast cancer. You were fantastic. Marie Medina Burkhardt, President, LA Breast Cancer Task Force
Your message was inspirational and motivational, while entertaining. Jane Arnette, Ex. Dir., South Central Industrial Association
We particularly appreciated your personal knowledge of Rural Development and its mission, and your understanding of the challenges before us due to changes being made within the agency, You delivered the message we asked you to convey, and did so with that touch of humor that our group needs during this transition. Clyde Holloway, Louisiana State Director USDA Rural Development
I want to thank you for an inspiring meeting. My hope was for inspiration, motivation, and enlightenment, which I truly think was accomplished. I look forward to keeping the excitement, inspiration, motivation of this meeting going on & on in the future. Dana Winemiller, VP of Operations, Accutrans, Inc., Metairie, LA
We have heard many Keep that smile on your face comments since your presentation. The mix of humor and a motivational message made your remarks all that more meaningful. Jack L. Stanford, Executive VP, Biloxi Chamber of Commerce
Our attendance was double the amount we normally experience. One young businessman was so impressed that he came to the Chamber office the following day and signed up as a Chamber member. A. C. Fondren, Ex. VP, Houma-Terrebonne Chamber
Each and every participant walked away from your program with a solid understanding of management and leadership. Your confidence and professionalism will live in their minds for years to come. Cynthia L. Michael, VP, Baton Rouge Chamber
I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from our members. Marsha Ramsey, Baton Rouge Twilight Rotary Club
Very precise and to the point—fearless in showing the truth—making attendees look into themselves challenging excellence. Darlene Adams, Entercom Entertainment
I’m in my room … alone … enjoying the serenity … and reflecting on this morning’s life talk by Billy Arcement. The images yield much room for improvement … in life and work. Thanks for handing me the mirror. Thanks for this glorious weekend. Thanks for caring. Thanks for this catalyst to excellence. Emile Gauchet, WWL Radio Sales Team
It was an inspiration to listen to Mr. Arcement. He gave me the shove I needed to get things done and DO IT NOW! Gayle Catlett, Blue Cross Blue Shield of LA
Mr. Arcement was very uplifting! I enjoyed every minute of this truly useful seminar. Alicia Chatalain, Adm. Assistant, East Ascension Telephone Company
Billy and his presentation are a double whammy! You get help with personal and professional development plus entertainment. Kayla Shirley, International Professional Management Association.
I felt it was not just the words you spoke, which were quite inspirational, but also from yourself as an example, allowed many of the mangers to realize that what you were saying wasn’t just talk the talk but actually walk the walk. Paul Milligan, Sonic Drive In, Baton Rouge, LA
I received wonderful compliments from seminar participants that your presentation was informative and entertaining. A special ‘Thank you’ for your outstanding presentation at our Foodservice Exposition. Mary Weber, Director of Education, LA Restaurant Association

Our membership has a diverse mix. We often have a difficult time finding speakers that can appeal to such a broad group. Your presentation allowed everyone to come away with a ‘nugget’ to carry with them. Delisa Arnold, Baton Rouge Chapter, International Facility Managers Association
I found your presentation to be engaging, inspirational and informative. You established a relationship with a group of strangers and delivered some achievable goals. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your book. Patrick Feely, Brookfield, WI
Billy is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. Teresa Hale, SHRM Baton Rouge, LA Chapter
I looked around at the audience during your presentation and you have every single person making direct eye contact and hanging onto every word you were imparting……..that is hard to do! Kim Thomas, Director, Teams of Tomorrow.
Caused me to re-think my game plan to include new opportunities to add value. Walter Wehmann, Stone Energy