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Leadership Expert and Business Consultant Billy Arcement, MEd—The Candid Cajun, is a 37 year member of The National Speakers Association and subscribes to NSA’s Code of Professional Ethics in order to establish and maintain confidence in the professionalism, honesty, ability, and integrity he brings to your organization. He understands very well what it takes to deliver a strong, powerful, results-producing event or integrate a consultant into an organizational process with the best possible chance of success.

That’s why he prides himself in making every effort to bring an accommodating and professional approach to working with every client. And that’s not all. Billy promises a lot and delivers a little more (Lagniappe) including his risk-free guarantee to achieve agreed upon expectations or only expenses are due.

Please find below links to Billy’s most requested pre-program materials:

  • Billy’s One-Sheet Brochure: A full color brochure to learn a little more about Billy in a snapshot. Perfect for review by your decision making team. Download Now
  • Pre-Program Preparation: Billy’s clients find this checklist just the ticket for ensuring that events and programs run smoothly from before he takes the stage until after the event is over! Click Here for more information.
  • Billy’s Photographs: Very often, Billy’s clients will require his professional photographs for publication or event materials – he’s put them all in one place for you! Click Here to see Billys Photo’s
  • Introduction: Billy provides a “customized introduction” for your group which is emailed a few days prior to the meeting date.
  • Conference Promotional Material: Provided for your conference brochures and any promotional piece for attendees and media needs.
  • Letter of Agreement: Completed once all the meeting details have been agreed upon.
  • Video / Audio Recordings: Please discuss any audio and/or video arrangements with Billy. This is not part of his standard agreement.
  • Handouts: Handled in one of three ways: (1) Direct bill for cost (2) PDF Master provided, client duplicates (3) Post on your website as part of his “Green Initiative. Evaluation form can be included and a summary report of comments received can be provided upon request.
  • Products: Providing copies of one of Billy’s books or other products for each participant (invoiced to you) or making provisions for Billy to personalize books for participants who wish to make a purchase.
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