Managing Your Business in Sluggish Times

What should a business do to recover when profits go south?

  1. Focus on business habits. Habits make us and habits can break us. Are there any “habits” in your business environment that are breaking you?


  1. Focus on business practices such as assessing productivity, employee morale, cost laden processes, customer relationships and growing your customer base.


  1. Be willing to change. Assess value of all activities and the income potential it brings. Get creative, innovative, committed, persistent and determined to grow your business.


  1. Focus on creating a plan of action to provide the right strategy for greater successes.


  1. Develop a forgiving attitude. What did you say? Forgive!! Yes, forgive irritating customers, poor performing employees and anyone else you need to forgive. Harboring a non-forgiving attitude is a burden that will plague your ability to perform at your best.


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