Make Every Year a Great Year

I recently read about four steps on how to bring incredible results into our life written by Jack Canfield. The approach is old but newly defined by Jack in a unique way.


  1. Analyze: We must analyze our life’s activities and determine which pay dividends and which are a drain on our life. Time on earth is too precious to waste in trivial, non-productive activities. So, what’s your purpose? Hard question to answer but a most important one that we must address. Once defined, everything you do should support your clearly defined purpose. Then, throw out everything else that doesn’t support the purpose. Tough, tough decision. But no one promised that greatness came without a price.
  2. Visualize: Once we’ve discovered purpose, we need to spend time every day thinking and visualizing the accomplishment of our purpose. Visualize in color, Visualize with emotion. Visualize in minute detail. But visualize you must. Creating a vision opens the doors of possibility and helps to create the right path on our success journey.
  3. Strategize: OK, you’ve defined purpose and engaged in visualizing it to be a reality. Now the really hard part—we need to develop a detailed action plan, with daily activities, that will make our purpose a reality. Take time to undergo this process. It is a plan of the action steps that will get things done. And, as you know, no action equals no results.
  4. Actualize: The last step—just do it. Take action on your plan so purpose is achieved. Take action so the most important things in your life become a reality. Few things bring greater satisfaction than the achievement of our dreams. So dream big and watch for the results!

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