Leading Yourself in Tough Times

As I write this post, I’m waiting for Hurricane Isaac to come ashore into Louisiana and ultimately pass over my home. Although I’ve lived through similar events many times in my life, there is still always the need for one to take charge of personal circumstances and properly prepare for the worst. This is what leaders do. They take charge and seek to control their environment. Self leadership demands that one think through each situation creating the best options that can produce the best results. In the case of a Hurricane, many factors are out of our control. Anticipating the need to have a tank full of gasoline in the car, batteries and/or candles for light when downed power lines shuts down electric service and securing an adequate supply of water, food and medicines makes life a bit easier. Generators can supply electric power but finding a supply of gasoline to run them can be difficult because of the short supply. A battery powered radio is a necessity to keep in touch with the outside world.

There are many other factors to cover but they are too long to list. The jest of this post is to point out that leading yourself to success is a planned process with definite steps that must be carried out. The next time you are placed in circumstances that require a bit of self-leadership, why not create a well thought out plan of action to bring the task or process to a successful close. You’ll be glad you took that initiative.


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