Leaders Lead, Not Point Fingers

Great leaders never point fingers at others to place blame or to excuse his or her failures. Rather, they step up and take whatever action is needed to rectify the situation, regardless of who caused it to exist in the first place. On the other hand, there are those leaders whose main survival tactic is to point fingers at others. And, nowhere is this type of behavior more prevalent than in the world of politics.

Unfortunately, we have a different set of rules in play today. Elected officials are quick to blame all the ills of government on the other party or on past elected officials. And, in-between the bickering, nothing good gets done. True leaders willingly take whatever risks are necessary to get the job done and fix a situation. They choose not to fix blame but to take charge. They choose to do the tasks needed and not concern themselves with re-election. They understand that the past is over and the only moment of control is now. And, by doing so, they can help shape the future. Great leaders are secure with themselves and their major concern is to make things better on every front and they do so without fear of the consequences.

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