How are Employee Values Affecting Your Business?

One of the important components of success in the workplace relates to the commonality of values between workers. The closer the values, the stronger the cohesiveness. When there is a common purpose, something that common values can create, there is more energy and commitment to reach the desired outcomes.

When hiring, companies need to weigh the values individuals will bring to the workplace. Team spirit is supported by common values. Team demise can be attributed to a divide of values.

In the Human Performance Safety training I conduct, the significance of values supporting safe performance of employees is paramount to creating and sustaining a safe work environment for all. High risk values open the floodgates of incidents. Employees that will not undertake risky behaviors tend to bring stability to safety practices and low incident rates.

Every facet of organizational success has ties to values. What values are driving your company and how do the values of your employees affect outcomes—two important questions every leader must answer.

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