Choosing a Different Path in the Coming Year

A New Year often brings with it a renewed optimism and momentum for creating something better in the coming year. And, that’s a good thing. But the reality is that many of us lose our optimism and the momentum comes to a complete halt. What was once an exciting dream can now be called a recurring nightmare. There is no reason for one to suffer through these circumstances. While there is no “magic pill” to take, here are two key practices that can either eliminate failing or dramatically slow it down.

The first, is being disciplined. Unfortunately for humans, maintaining the necessary discipline to truly bring more success into our life is not easy. There are too many distractions that get in the way of our focus and create unwanted detours. When we begin to stray from the path of success, we must, through self-discipline, bring ourselves back on the path. Building an awareness of where we are on our success road is a great stimulus. If we know where we are at all times and we know where we should be, shifting lanes becomes much easier.

The second critical component of staying on target in 2014 is to surround yourself with people that want success as badly as do. Being around unmotivated, undisciplined and unfocused individuals is a death sentence for your vision. Choose your friends and associates wisely and run as fast as you can from those who can and will deter you. A great support team like a mastermind group is a strong stimulus to help you bring your vision into reality. Remember, it’s better to have no friends at all than to have just one of the wrong kind of friend.

So, as you look into 2014, ask yourself two questions: Do I have the necessary self-discipline to make my life better in the coming year? Do I have associates that will support me to make more success happen? If you answered “No” to either question, take a long step back and start over again because if you stay on that path, it will only lead you to the wilderness, not the Promised Land!

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