It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Life

All personal development is dependent upon your growth as a person. Focus your attention on becoming a much better version of who you are. No matter how much you feel your future is not bright, there is a light of success at the end of the tunnel of despair. No matter how successful you feel, […]

How are Employee Values Affecting Your Business?

One of the important components of success in the workplace relates to the commonality of values between workers. The closer the values, the stronger the cohesiveness. When there is a common purpose, something that common values can create, there is more energy and commitment to reach the desired outcomes. When hiring, companies need to weigh […]

Choosing a Different Path in the Coming Year

A New Year often brings with it a renewed optimism and momentum for creating something better in the coming year. And, that’s a good thing. But the reality is that many of us lose our optimism and the momentum comes to a complete halt. What was once an exciting dream can now be called a […]

Three Practices No Leader Can Ignore (Part I)

In today’s business environment we see an increasing emphasis on bottom-line activities—certainly incredibly important if a business is to survive. But, I want to take the discussion a slightly different direction and talk about the element of a business that is equally critical to surviving—people. Leaders lead people. Without the ability to gather followers, we […]

Billy’s Success Principles

Life may be a banquet but we must understand that there is no free lunch. There is no need to develop goals unless we wish to greatly underachieve our potential. Become a disciplined manager of your time use always focusing on the highest priority in your life at that moment. No statue was ever erected […]

Use Failures as a Stepping Stone To Greater Things

As you move through life, expect to experience failure. What can happen with such events confront our lives? We freeze with fear and never overcome the stigma of having failed. If this describes your reaction, why not implement these ideas to forever remove the fear of failing. (1) Understand that to fail does not make […]

Are You Ready for the Journey?

In my book Journeying on Holy Ground, you will learn how to set priorities to help you gain personal happiness and the achievement of your dreams. The Journey with God helps you:  Create the ultimate relationship that will bring peace into your life  Discover the power of prayer and choice  Learn how […]

Leaders Lead, Not Point Fingers

Great leaders never point fingers at others to place blame or to excuse his or her failures. Rather, they step up and take whatever action is needed to rectify the situation, regardless of who caused it to exist in the first place. On the other hand, there are those leaders whose main survival tactic is […]

20 Guiding Principles for Building Personal Success

Here are some lessons I’ve collected over a lifetime of study of what makes some people more successful than others. Apply them to your daily routine and you greatly increase the odds of being a leader in your industry and in life. 1. To be great, associate with great people. 2. Be focused and disciplined […]

Delegation (Part 2)

Hold everyone to whom you delegate responsibilities to the same deadlines you have. If necessary, have staff provide progress reports. Email updates are a quick and easy way to do this. You might also place a reminder on your calendar to assure the tasks remains on schedule in the early delegation stages. Don’t hesitate to […]