24 Ideas to Create Organizational Loyalty (Part 2)

Last week I posted the first twelve ideas. Was astonished at how quickly readership grew. Here are the remaining twelve. Why not go back to evaluate how many are present in your organization. A bit short? Begin a plan now to increase employee loyalty. That is a win-win proposal. Share the credit. It isn’t only […]

24 Ideas to Create Organizational Loyalty (Part 1)

Many people in my generation went to work for an organization with the intent was to stay until retirement. Such loyalty and commitment are no longer part of the workforce culture. Rather, time spent working with an organization is dictated by one of the many factors that create loyalty and/or remove it from the work […]

Five Key Responsibilities of a CEO

As the corporate leader, the CEO is the key player driving the direction of the organization. While there are many duties this individual must perform, here are five I’ve found are key to their personal success for “delivering the goods.” Hire the right talent: Like a successful sports team, the organizational team a CEO puts […]

The Secrets to Getting Promoted and Staying Employed

In today’s fast paced work environment, job security is almost a thing of the past. Downsizing, re-engineering, layoffs, mergers—these trends are re-shaping modern day employment. How then does one survive in this chaotic atmosphere? Here are three tips that can make a difference in your career path and make you a more valuable commodity in […]

Is Your Culture Creating Cash?

“The ‘blanket’ of culture covering an organization can make it a success or a failure.” One of the most significant factors that dictates your level of productivity, employee engagement and customer service, is the culture established by the organization. In simplistic terms, culture can be defined as the way we do business around here. Thus, […]

Turn Yourself into a Valued Employee

In today’s volatile work environment, there are days when you just might question if you’ve made the correct career choice or if your chances of surviving another year are good. There are techniques you can use to enhance your position in the workplace and, at the same time, bring a more enjoyable feeling about being […]

Rejuvenate Your Job With a Plan

There is nothing like “January” to make one feel refreshed and motivated to start a new direction. Unfortunately, for many, the January energy fizzles out before the month is over. The big obstacle to change is keeping the momentum going throughout the entire year. Here are some tips to help achieve that outcome and hopefully […]

What To Do When You Are Out of a Job

I recently received a call from the President of a firm with whom I worked as a consultant for a team building project. After many years in the upper levels of management and at an age where employment is most difficult, his position was eliminated. He was perplexed as to what he might now do. […]

Managing Your Business in Sluggish Times

What should a business do to recover when profits go south? Focus on business habits. Habits make us and habits can break us. Are there any “habits” in your business environment that are breaking you?   Focus on business practices such as assessing productivity, employee morale, cost laden processes, customer relationships and growing your customer […]

It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Life

All personal development is dependent upon your growth as a person. Focus your attention on becoming a much better version of who you are. No matter how much you feel your future is not bright, there is a light of success at the end of the tunnel of despair. No matter how successful you feel, […]