21 Characteristics of an Effective Safety Leader

All great safety programs are headed by great leaders. Mastering leadership skills is equally as important as mastering safety skills. They must work hand and glove for you to develop an outstanding safety initiative within your organization. Review these twenty-one ideas from the lens of the consummate safety professional. This is a good list to […]

It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Life

All personal development is dependent upon your growth as a person. Focus your attention on becoming a much better version of who you are. No matter how much you feel your future is not bright, there is a light of success at the end of the tunnel of despair. No matter how successful you feel, […]

Leaders Create Direction (Part 1)

Everything that happens within an organization is impacted by the type of leadership present. This is a powerful concept that sometimes escapes the mindset of many leaders. Some leaders feel they are operating in their own little domain of responsibility and what they do does not have a great impact on the overall effectiveness of […]