Leadership Speaker and Executive Consultant Billy Arcement Presents Case Studies: Leadership Training and Consulting Services

Leadership Speaker and One-on One Executive Consultant Billy Arcement shares some powerful lessons learned in the case studies presented from past clients.

When RESULTS are what you’re looking for – Billy Arcement DELIVERS.

Here’s the INSIDE look:

Case Study #1:  Client: Global Chemical Manufacturer

Need: Assess the safety and environmental regulations and review the management skillset and capabilities of departmental personnel. Then weigh in on the overall effectiveness of the management team, facility and specifically the efficiency and competencies within the ranks of production personnel. Download Case Study

Case Study #2:  Client: Leading Multi-Million Dollar Medical Malpractice Insurance Corporation

Need: The organization had recently appointed a new CEO. Shortly into his new position, the relationship between the CEO and the longtime President of the corporation began to deteriorate. Because of differences in managerial philosophies, the staff was receiving mixed messages on assignments, duties, and some corporate policy decisions. There was a very real need to resolve behaviors and habits of the President which were causing leadership tension were spotlighted. Download Case Study

Case Study #3:  Client: The President (CEO) of Parish Governmental and Members of His Management Team.

Need: A newly elected Parish President (CEO of Parish Government) was having difficulty leading his management team, parish employees, and was creating tensions with council members. There was also a need to help bring clarity and prioritization of projects important to Parish Government. Download Case Study

Case Study #4:  The Client: The Superintendent of a Very Large School District

Need: Newly selected superintendent (CEO of a school district) was experiencing difficulty working with members of the school board, staff members, and system employees. Billy was asked to work one-on-one with the superintendent to improve a number of items outlined by the school board, to shore up managerial abilities, and to help clarify the working relationship with the board and staff members. Download Case Study

Case Study #5:  The Client: Director of a Mental Health Facility

Need: Mental Health Facility Director was experiencing problematic working relationship with members of the citizen advisory board, immediate supervisor, and staff members. An unusually high series of firings and resignations triggered the need for the coaching session. Download Case Study

Case Study #6:  The Client: A Global Chemical Facility Maintenance Organization

Need: Plant Manager (an engineer) was seeking to improve the work environment, his personal management style, and the managerial ability of his immediate staff. Download Case Study