Billy’s Success Principles

  1. Life may be a banquet but we must understand that there is no free lunch.
  2. There is no need to develop goals unless we wish to greatly underachieve our potential.
  3. Become a disciplined manager of your time use always focusing on the highest priority in your life at that moment.
  4. No statue was ever erected to a critic. Think long and hard before you speak harsh words about someone.
  5. Don’t try to change everyone around you. Try changing yourself!
  6. Study every aspect on leadership that you can because life is about either leading yourself or leading others.
  7. What to learn about success? Try hanging around successful people and implementing what they teach you.
  8. Jobs have a limited future. A career is an open-ended opportunity.
  9. Make it a rule to learn something new every day.

10. Winners understand that they must avoid doing the things that failures do.

11. Being disciplined opens doors to the greater opportunities of life. Not being disciplined closes these same doors trapping us in the world of unfulfilled opportunities.

12. A lack of adequate planning often results in a “less than” achievement.

13. Inertia grounds our momentum. Taking action is how we start momentum.

14. Never underestimate the vastness of your experiences. Use them to help you grasp new opportunities in your career. Experience can be the great equalizer in a very competitive world.

15. Don’t spend time worrying about what you don’t have. Instead, focus on what you want life to bring you and work like hell to make that your reality.

16. Goals create a foundation upon which to build your house of success.

17. Make saving a part of every dollar you earn an integral part of your life. Make giving a portion of every dollar you earn to worthy causes an integral part of your life.

18. The biggest internal struggle many have is to keep their “darkest secrets” out of the light of day. Instead, we must forgive ourselves as God is willing to forgive us and turn our darkness into glowing rays of light.

19. Most of life’s fears are a needless waste of energy.

20. Learn to see possibilities, not liabilities by dwelling on what can be rather than on what cannot be.

21. Keep the right priorities of life in this order: (1) God, (2) Family (3) Career.

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