Are You Ready for the Journey?

In my book Journeying on Holy Ground, you will learn how to set priorities to help you gain personal happiness and the achievement of your dreams.

The Journey with God helps you:
 Create the ultimate relationship that will bring peace into your life
 Discover the power of prayer and choice
 Learn how to share your time, talents and treasures with God and the world

The Journey with family helps you:
 Strengthen your marital bond and relationship skills with your spouse
 Develop the right parental relationship with your children
 Discover how to keep God in your family life

The Journey in your career helps you:
 Grow your skills and find satisfaction with your work
 Develop techniques that make you a stronger leader
 Discover how to successfully use the “spiritual dimension” of work

The Journey with your personal development helps you:
 Discover coping skills to ease the tensions of life
 Apply key success principles to use in every facet of your life
 Complete the “Success Challenge” questions to bring personal insights to fruition

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