A Parental Leadership Thought

I strongly believe the genesis of a good education begins in the home. Parents must insist that their children study. They have a responsibility to do all in their power to prepare their child for success. And, there lies the irony of this situation. Parents who don’t appreciate the value of a good education don’t encourage their children. When children don’t recognize this value on their own, they perpetuate the cycle of ignorance and lack of job skills in the marketplace. Sadly, some become dependent upon government for their livelihood. The result is a lifetime of enslavement to others and a lost opportunity to reach their personal potential. This is the greatest of human tragedies.

Billions have been poured into educational improvement initiatives but few ever attack the lack of responsibility in the home. Up to and until this focus changes, we will continue to pour dollars into the black hole of ignorance with no significant results as a payoff for our investment.

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