24 Ideas to Create Organizational Loyalty (Part 1)

Many people in my generation went to work for an organization with the intent was to stay until retirement. Such loyalty and commitment are no longer part of the workforce culture. Rather, time spent working with an organization is dictated by one of the many factors that create loyalty and/or remove it from the work place. Here are a number of ways loyalty can be infused into your work culture by your managers and leadership teams. How many does your organization have in place?

An appreciation of ideas shared by employees. One of the greatest resources of an organization is the collective brains of people working with you. Be open to their suggestions and ideas. Don’t be dismissive. If you cannot use the idea, share why. Most employees just want to have the opportunity to input their thoughts. Open that door whenever possible.

 Educate everyone about the “big picture” focus of the organization: When employees have no idea why they do their work, loyalty is apt not to grow very well. Let people know how their role fits into the overall success of the organization. The more employees know what is going on, how what they do fits the overall corporate purpose, the more they have the potential to contribute. You never want to close that door.

 Offer training to enhance employee growth and job skills: Learning something new is an opportunity career minded individuals appreciate. Build confidence and competence with focused, specific training initiatives providing employees the opportunities to grow their skills and careers. While I profess my bias for training, I do believe my training opportunities were critical for building a successful careers. I always strived to keep this pathway open to me and those working with me.

 An appreciation for the people that work for your organization. Express and display gratitude they work for you: We all love to be appreciated. When I left the teaching profession for a private sector position, I remember the manager telling me he looked forward to my joining the company even before I went to work for them. That really made an impression on me. Gratitude for a job well done or appreciation of employee contributions are winning strategies every outstanding leader understands and uses.

 Create the “emotional” bond rather than an atmosphere of entitlement: When we connect at an emotional level that becomes the glue keeping people together. In marriages, emotions bond husband and wife. At work, emotional bonds to the culture and atmosphere of the organization and its employees can eliminate or dramatically slow down employees leaving. No one is entitled to have a job. But, emotional ties builds enthusiasm, energy and excitement to be a part of something good.

 Share a genuine compliment whenever appropriate. Generosity and sincerity work well with compliments: Words of appreciation go a long way towards keeping employees happy and productive. Don’t miss an opportunity to express a sincere compliment to a deserving employee or peer. This is not the time for “phony” but it is the time to let people know they’ve done a great job.

 Create a “team” atmosphere: Youngsters participating in athletic events get exposed to teamwork early in life. They come to understand everyone needs to contribute and be given an opportunity to do so. There is no “I” in teamwork. It is a “we” thing! Teams create a synergy that trumps the power of one. Teach people to work together and give them the independence to do just that.

 Respect employees: Aretha Franklin had a hit entitled, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. It’s hard to beat being respectful. Whether one is displaying sound manners or appreciating what others do, respect is an integral part of the process. Lose the respect of employees and you’ve lost the process of leadership. Give respect and it will be reciprocated to you. Respect begets respect!

 Help them achieve something extraordinary: We enjoy being a part of something special. Managers and leaders creating a department or organization that is exemplary, build pride in performance and accomplishments. That creates a special feeling ordinary doesn’t create.

 Whenever possible, give employees a voice regarding organizational decisions: When you involve employees, getting buy-in is a natural outcome of the process. Tap the knowledge base available to you. The ideas employees can offer sometimes exceeds expectations and produces unexpected outcomes. Use people power for sustaining success.

 Be honest, consistent and competent in dealing with employees: Miss using one of these items and you’ve created a hole in your success pattern. Employees want and need, honesty, consistency and competency from their leaders. They want to know what is going on, want to have a predictable leadership style and want to know their leader has the skill set to lead.

 Create a sense of belonging: A leader cannot afford to create an atmosphere where people feel alienated from what is going on. Satisfaction comes from being a part of a process. Create enjoyment, gratitude, dignity and self-respect in the work place and everyone becomes a winner. Few things beat being part of a winning, cohesive atmosphere.

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