A Personal Search for Writing Success

Most want to be successful at something. We seek to find the niche in which we create the happiness that can only come from doing what we love to do. Permit me to share a personal chronology of events that have shaped my life and career as a writer—a most unlikely destination given my lowly […]

10 Tips to Get the Attention of Your Boss

Workers who possess personal ambition are always seeking ways to improve their positioning with their boss. Here are ten time-tested techniques that will make your boss take notice of your personal performance. As you read through the list, think about your own performance. How many items on the list are part of your work style? […]

Are You the Perfect Boss?

All employees want to have a happy and enjoyable relationship with their supervisor or manager.  But, sometimes they get the “boss from hell!”  How would your employees rate you?  Here a few ideas to help you assess your performance and help you become, the perfect boss. Keep lines of communication open.  Accessibility is the name […]