Turn Yourself into a Valued Employee

In today’s volatile work environment, there are days when you just might question if you’ve made the correct career choice or if your chances of surviving another year are good. There are techniques you can use to enhance your position in the workplace and, at the same time, bring a more enjoyable feeling about being […]

Rejuvenate Your Job With a Plan

There is nothing like “January” to make one feel refreshed and motivated to start a new direction. Unfortunately, for many, the January energy fizzles out before the month is over. The big obstacle to change is keeping the momentum going throughout the entire year. Here are some tips to help achieve that outcome and hopefully […]

What To Do When You Are Out of a Job

I recently received a call from the President of a firm with whom I worked as a consultant for a team building project. After many years in the upper levels of management and at an age where employment is most difficult, his position was eliminated. He was perplexed as to what he might now do. […]