Choice is Always an Option

How do you feel about your life? Is it productive? Do you consistently reach the milestones you so vividly imagine in your mind’s eye? Do you have the commitment to continue working on your current goals or do you feel burned out and stagnated? We Can Choose  The beauty of life is that no matter […]

Greatness in Serving

I recently read an article written by Jean Vanier, founder of an international network of communities for the mentally disabled. I was struck by this statement in her article: “All authority, whether it be civil, parental, religious or community, is intended to help people grow towards greater freedom, justice and truth. Often, however, it is […]

Make Every Year a Great Year

I recently read about four steps on how to bring incredible results into our life written by Jack Canfield. The approach is old but newly defined by Jack in a unique way.   Analyze: We must analyze our life’s activities and determine which pay dividends and which are a drain on our life. Time on […]

We Must Pay Our Way

We’ve created a society that includes those who are looking for a handout rather than a hand up. This is not a criticism. It’s just a part of our current culture. I was reminded of this thought as I was listening to a black retired airline pilot articulate this phrase while being interviewed in a […]