20 Guiding Principles for Building Personal Success

Here are some lessons I’ve collected over a lifetime of study of what makes some people more successful than others. Apply them to your daily routine and you greatly increase the odds of being a leader in your industry and in life.

1. To be great, associate with great people.
2. Be focused and disciplined with time.
3. Excellence is a habit.
4. Look beyond the obvious to anticipate what is going to happen.
5. Build relationships in order to ultimately build access and circles of influence.
6. Be very clear and focused with your thinking and strategies. Start with the end in mind and build towards that end.
7. Build an equity and wealth consciousness. You will never be wealthy without a mindset to become wealthy.
8. Think billable hours and the value of the hourly income desired.
9. ID what is missing in an organization. Go after that element of business or seek to create leadership in this area.
10. Use 1/3 of your time for learning; 1/3 for earning and 1/3 for serving.
11. Develop systems for all activities and, for outstanding results, execute them consistently.
12. Keep the big picture in mind and stop being task oriented. Be able to replicate success.
13. Be selectively extravagant but prudently frugal.
14. Perception is reality. Position yourself in your own eyes before you can improve your positioning with others.
15. Leverage what you do. Be congruent with leveraging and strategy building.
16. Focus on education, not training.
17. At the end of the day ask, “What did I learn today that I didn’t know yesterday?
18. Watch your thoughts and remember: garbage in garbage stays.
19. Remove any activity in your life that will not help you move towards your desired outcomes.
20. Give back.

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